Efficient POS to Track your Business Performance

Maintaining proper records and tracking your business performance are two of the most critical things to do. The old methods of calculating the sales on fingers, keeping records in registers, and [...]

Efficient POS Software for Supermarket

Supermarkets are comparatively larger with more inventory and space as compared to grocery stores or minimarts, therefore running a supermarket can be challenging. From keeping an up-to-date [...]

Effective Management of your Cafe with Oscar POS

Every cafe owner dreams of elevating their cafe from the initial point to the peak of success. However, tracking the overall performance of your coffee shop comes with a set of complications and [...]

Error-Free Sales Evaluation with Oscar POS

Accurate and timely data is one of the fundamental elements in businesses. From an up-to-the-mark inventory calculation to a top-notch sales evaluation, an error-free process is needed. [...]

Efficient POS System for your Ice Cream Parlor

Running an ice cream shop is not so complicated but it has its challenges. From managing inventory to tracking sales and satisfying customers, it needs a lot of work. Therefore, smart work in the [...]

Manage your Salon Staff with Oscar POS

Running a salon requires many operations. From customer checking in to the salon to getting their services done and finally payment collection, a number of tasks are done each day in a salon. [...]

Efficient POS for Multiple Hotel Management

If you think managing a single outlet of your hotel is challenging then just wait till you expand to multiple hotels. Managing your stock levels, customers, employees, and sales is challenging [...]

Incredible Inventory Management with Oscar POS

Management comes first when running any business. Especially if you are selling products, effective management of inventory is a must to grow your business and increase sales. On the other hand, [...]

Oscar POS for Efficient Management of your Mart

From inventory to employees; every single mart management operation requires a proper system. The primary purpose of your customers visiting your mart is convenience. To maintain the standard of [...]

Sell Smartly with Oscar POS CRM

Work smarter, not harder. As a business owner you should focus on accomplishing your business goals and optimizing your time. The most important business goal is satisfying your customers as it [...]

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