Why Entrepreneurs Should Use Mobile Apps for Bookkeeping

 In Udhaar

Every small business faces the challenge of bookkeeping and many entrepreneurs find it difficult to keep track of their accounts receivable. Apps like Khata App and Oscar Udhaar app help business owners keep track of their debts efficiently. The apps track payments that vendors or customers owe your business. On Udhaar app automatic reminders are sent to customers for payment via SMS messages, so that they don’t default on the payments. Another feature ensures that payments from customers or vendors are received on time, so that your cash flow increases.


These are the key benefits of using bookkeeping apps like Udhaar and Khata:

  • Simplification: Bookkeeping applications put financial control in the hands of the business owners directly instead of hiring multiple employees to keep track of the accounts. Automated calculations are performed efficiently without the risk of human error. With little to no training at all, the business owner can complete all accounting operations and comply with legal standards from a desktop computer or a mobile device, without paying an external party to keep budget in the loop.


  • Cost savings: Mobile applications automate core calculations and administrative procedures and take control of your revenue framework so that you won’t have to outsource finance management to an external expert. In parallel, they also reduce costs related to printing and distributing documentation and store sensitive data in secure and monitored locations.


  • Financial transparency: From an accountant’s point of view, the highlight of a good credit management app is that they prevent unnecessary costs and recurring human errors. Calculating inaccurate sums or failing to report data in time can easily lead to a business crisis, and that’s where automating calculations is most useful.


  • Accurate forecasting: One of the main advantages of an accounting app is to understand in detail the patterns and trends of your financial performance; something that would take ages to complete without a solid system. An accounting app will help business owners understand where to cut expenses or where to invest more. With a clear overview of your current financial status, you will find it easier to develop smart strategies and allocate resources the right way.


  • Improved relationships with customers: Apps that calculate and keep track of debts help a business keep a good relationship with its customers. Customers that pay on time will be better serving to your business than customers who default. Likewise, such apps help by giving customers a payment schedule without being too demanding and prevent delays and miscommunication. They are also easy to personalize on the business’s behalf, and thus make company performance appear more professional and credible.


  • Security: Financial data is a business’s most valuable information and must be prevented from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost by mistake. That’s exactly what apps like Khata and Udhaar do for their users: prevent accounts from being jeopardized and encrypts files and customer information so that fraud is prevented. In most cases, you will get to build your internal security structure and decide who will have access to sensitive data. 


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