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    Skyrocket your sales, online & offline

    With Oscar POS software, create sales opportunities & drive recurring revenues by segmenting loyal customers with our loyalty & CRM platform.

    Build a bridge to success with Oscar Point of Sale software Pakistan and step up your sales game. Drive customer acquisition, increase average purchasing size and get real time updates on opportunities for revenue growth.

    Introduce your store and reach out to the world with Oscar POS software’s most effective ecommerce platforms. Using Oscar ecommerce POS manage your in store and online operations from one spot while also launching your brand in new markets.

    Point of sale

    Choose your business type with Oscar

    Oscar POS software Pakistan covers all business types so find your perfect fit.

    Oscar POS offers the complete package.


    Points of sale

    Optimize store sales and widen your customer base through the multiple
    advantages offered with our web-based system.

    Card Payments

    Accept credit and debit cards with leading payment processors and provide utmost safety for you and your customers.


    Oscar POS software Pakistan centrally manages your online store within seconds to sell either in-store, online, or both.

    Split Payments

    Grant your customers with an open payment choice. Split single sales into small sub-sales or accept two different payment types in a single transaction.

    Discounts & Refunds

    Add discounts, redeem gift cards and manage refunds effortlessly across all your products, stores and customer segments.

    Mobile Ordering

    Sell onspot with a mobile user interface that works with or without an internet



    Instantly add products & create multiple types or any variations. You can bundle products together to create gift baskets, or split one product into many.


    Manage sales, take orders, and know your top-selling products, to ensure their availability at all times.


    Stay updated with full or partial inventory counts and reports. Always keep your top-selling products in stock.


    Create customer profiles seamlessly during checkout and easily build customer databases that record their purchase history, loyalty and account balances


    Enhance customer experiences and increase shoppers with Oscar’s custom loyalty program.


    Empower your employee by granting them role-based access. Track employee
    sales and time to get an overview on job performances



    Widen your options by adding new products, customers, and adjusting product pricing and details with Oscar.

    Understand Sales

    Scan through your sales data to identify important details such as a track of your overall sales and progress through extensive reporting.


    Ensure sustainable business growth by adding new locations, warehouses that can be managed conveniently with Oscar.

    Inventory Reports

    Get inventory status updates on product stocks and inventory counts reports. Improve your stocks flow and business decisions accordingly.

    Customer Reviews

    Capture customer feedback that can be improved by adding coupons and discount offers within the application.

    Sales Targets

    Review daily register closure summaries and sales target reports to verify payments and check on potential discrepancies.

    Get A Free Tour of Oscar POS

    Take the tour with Oscar POS that is the best POS software in Pakistan to see how easy it is to run your business.

    Use Oscar POS system to win sales

    Complete your business with Oscar’s team
    Point of sale

    Get started with easy-to-use Oscar dashboard and support guides. Help is only an email or call away.

    Oscar has your back

    Let the Oscar team set up the POS software and hardware for your store and train your staff.

    Get On-site assistance

    Oscar Experts provide consultation and on-site POS installation, account setup, and ongoing training for you and your staff.

    Not sure what is right for you?

    Oscar Mobile Point of Sale

    Speed up the ordering process with Oscar mPOS tablets and get customer feedback simultaneously.


    Keep all your data in the palms of your hand, using Oscar mPOS systems for full management control.


    Increase your ROI with Oscar mobile point of sale software for retail to improve your profit margins for greater efficiency in lesser cost.


    Transform your tablet into an all-in-one Mobile Point of Sale system with flexible payment options through your cellphone.


    Utilize Oscar’s mPOS system to create staff schedules and record customer feedbacks.

    Good Words. Good People.

    • Oscar worked perfectly for our mart operation across multiple Shell Select stores. We needed POS software that would provide visibility into operations, and help us manage multiple locations. The depth of analytics and insights provided by Oscar’s dashboard and mobile app are unparalleled to anything else available in Pakistan.

      Junaid K Director - Panda Retail
    • Oscar’s provided us such flexibility and peace of mind that we’re able to open up a second location.

      Shehzad W COO - Alpha Retail
    • It’s perfect for a fashion boutique like ours that needed robust capabilities on a reasonable budget. It has helped us cut down on excess inventory and improved the way we run our operations.

      Vishal B Owner, Riccado
    • "The Retailer App has been a game-changer for our store operations. It allows our retailers to procure directly from us, eliminating the need for physical sales operations. Saddar’s stock management tools and sales data analysis features provide us with valuable insights, enabling us to make informed decisions. The instant online payment options and integrated wallet make transactions smooth and hassle-free. Their solutions have significantly improved our efficiency and is an essential tool for our retail business."

      - Unilever Pakistan
      - Unilever Pakistan

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