Why Your Small Store Needs Fast Checkouts

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Small stores cater to many local communities all across Pakistan – but why do they still struggle to stand out?

The problem arises from their work functions; small store owners love to resort to old methods like manual inventory counting, Udhaar “journals”, and the infamous clunky cash register or wooden cash drawer. Although some might argue that it’s enough for their set-ups, it’s worth noting how such obsolete ways of running a business can slow down daily sales tremendously.

A great way to improve daily sales – and hence profits – is by applying a fast checkout system. Whether its by installing more cash registers, or using a web-application to conduct sales, their importance for small stores cannot be ignored:

Make Customers Happy

Nowadays, there’s a sense of urgency among customers; they want to enter and leave the store quickly, and so want their journey to flow swift and smooth, with little to no hiccups. And remember: the ending of the customer journey matters more than the starting.

No customer likes waiting in long checkout queues, or waiting for the old cash register to print out a receipt. Using fast checkout systems help customers leave the store quickly, without having wasted time. That way, they will have a smoother – and more memorable – in-store experience.

Make Employees More Skilled

When applying fast checkout methods, most of the times you have to install a system neither you, nor your employees, have used before. This creates a great opportunity for you and your employees to learn how to operate a more modern system.

Your employees will benefit from this exceptionally, as they will be able to build on their current skill-sets and become better at their jobs. Furthermore, this will allow them to become better at learning how to operate more advanced management systems.

Make Daily Sales Run Smooth

Not every business day runs great – and small store owners have to face more problems than others.

Unavoidable problems like shortage of staff and manual work functions can make daily sales become a daily problem. Fortunately, fast checkout can make this flow smoothly by automating menial tasks like calculating tills and recording them for when you want to review the day’s sales. This helps cashiers print a receipt for customers at fast speeds, with little to no calculation errors.

Some mobile applications that offer a fast checkout feature may offer a lot more than that – only if you know how to look. Luckily, Oscar Lite takes it a step beyond average sales.

This free credit app allows small store owners to manage daily sales, inventory, product catalogue, and analytics with just their smartphones. It’s also got an Udhaar management system that not only lets you calculate, record, and update every customer’s Udhaar amount, but also sends out custom SMSs to those who have yet to complete their payment. It’s a great system that removes the need for an Udhaar journal, or an old wooden cash drawer.

Small stores are integral for local communities, as they serve them well with basic necessities. That’s why they deserve to enjoy the benefits of fast checkout.

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