How To Overcome Rejection Blues

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The entrepreneur lifestyle is one filled with lots of ups and downs – successes, along with many rejections.

And we mean many rejections. In fact, it is a vital part of the entrepreneurial cycle, where aspiring businessmen have to face countless of obstacles before they can reach their goals. Such consistent rejections can demoralise any brave heart – but they’re not impossible to overcome.

If unfavourable circumstances or slip-ups make you want to quit the game, here are some reminders that will surely pull you out of your rejection blues:

It’s Never Personal

No matter how rudely or abruptly you get shut down, in the end, the problem you’re facing is entirely business. It’s never meant to attack you on a personal level, so it should not affect you that deeply. Therefore, the best way to approach a rejection is to treat it as a business problem that needs to be solved.

There Are Always More Options

The rejection you just faced might have closed off one path for you – but that doesn’t mean all other paths have been shut down as well.

In fact, rejections are a great way to plan multiple paths simultaneously, so that you have backup plans to fall back to. This kind of preparedness makes sure your race never stops; you may slow down at some point, but you’ll never give in to the negativity.

Learn From This Opportunity

Instead of considering “no”s as stops in the middle of the road, why not take it as a chance to self-reflect?

Rejections pose a great opportunity for you to stop, and evaluate your business plan as a whole – after all, there is no point in wasting energy over an idea if it were flawed from the start. So where did you go wrong? Was your approach inefficient? Or does your pitch need something new? Refining your business tactics this way will automatically help you pick the more successful route.

Never Give Up

This goes without saying, but it needs to be said regardless. Too often, one too many dismissals end up putting out the flame inside entrepreneurs.

Instead of letting it go out, use the rejection to motivate you further. You may have lost the battle, but you still have a war to fight. Learn from every rejection, and use it as a stepping stone leading you closer to your dream. The best way to adopt that approach is by taking something positive from every rejection you face; embrace it, and take pointers you could apply in the future. Growing from a negative situation works better than internalising the failure.

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It’s all about running your business smartly, not obsessively. So don’t think of rejection as a wall stopping you – think of it as an obstacle you were meant to break down.

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