Update your Store Inventory in Real-time with Oscar POS

 In General

Whether you own a restaurant or a retail store, the most critical factor is keeping an adequate amount of stock. The task of monitoring the inventory becomes extremely challenging, especially for large-sized stores. Jotting down the number of products left on shelves and warehouses eats a lot of time. In addition, updating the values after each purchase is next to impossible in case you practice manual paperwork for bookkeeping. All you need is a smart Point of Sale software to keep you updated with your stock levels in real time.

Manage your Inventory with Oscar POS

Oscar POS is the best POS system in Pakistan that helps you handle all your store’s functions without any hassle. The Oscar POS software can significantly reduce manual paperwork and, ultimately, saves time. Additionally, installing a robust POS system like Oscar POS can help you deal with your inventory levels along with your daily store errands. Let’s dive deeper to learn about how to manage your store’s inventory in real-time with the Oscar POS system:

Never Go Out of Stock

Going out of stock is the biggest nightmare for any store owner. All you need is to keep a check on whether the products on shelves are in sufficient amounts to cater to the needs of customers for a specific time. For a successful business, it is essential to fulfill your customers’ expectations by providing them with the stuff they want. You can never run short of any product with the Oscar POS software. It sends low-stock alerts whenever any item from your stock reaches below the average level. These alerts can help you restock before going completely out of stock.

Prevent Overflowing Inventory

On the other hand, overflowing inventory is also detrimental. Having stock more than required can result in an abundance of products unpurchased. Inventory that is left on shelves for a long time is prone to damage. In addition, food and hygiene-related stock are useless once it expires. Selling expired stock can not only result in health issues but also spoils your reputation. Whereas the Oscar POS system helps prevent overflowing inventory with an adequate amount of stock. The remarkable inventory management feature enables you to control your entire supply.

Know your Best-selling Products

Practicing manual methods for keeping stock reports can not give a clear idea of your product’s popularity. In order to keep serving your audience with what they actually love can help you grow your business more. The incredible inventory management feature of the Oscar POS assists you in knowing your best-selling products of specific store locations. You can always know what your customers love about your products and which areas need improvement.

Introduce Sales and Discounts

The valuable information about hot-selling products can also assist in several other aspects. For instance, keeping yourself updated with the knowledge of your customer preferences can help make future sales and discount strategies. You can run promotional campaigns on specific items that are popular in your consumer base. Additionally, the Oscar POS system can simplify your decision-making by enabling you to introduce special discounts on products for specific locations. Not only this, but it gives you deep insights to acquire the knowledge of product popularity with respect to each outlet. So, you can also make decisions on sales and discount offerings concerning locations.

Keep Updated with your Stock Levels

If you keep your stock listing in registers, you will definitely have a hard time updating those levels instantaneously. Running a store or restaurant and not having a clear-cut knowledge of your product listing can never let you grow your business. The Oscar POS software keeps you updated with your stock levels. The stock management features of the Oscar SRB integrated POS system refresh your inventory each time whenever a purchase is made. For restaurants, it auto-updates stock levels whenever the ingredients are transferred to the kitchen from the warehouse. This auto-update feature lays the foundation for keeping balanced stock levels as it keeps you aware of the availability of every single item from your stock.

Access it Anywhere at Anytime

The best thing about the Oscar POS FBR is you can access it anywhere, anytime. The Oscar POS SRB understands that keeping a check on your stock levels is necessary. Therefore, the cloud-based POS system lets you monitor your inventory and get analytics regardless of where you are. Additionally, you can control your entire business stock without going to each outlet separately.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the Oscar POS system is the best POS software in Pakistan to monitor your inventory. The intelligent features of the Oscar POS system help you keep optimum stock levels so you can neither run out of stock nor have excess inventory. Furthermore, the Oscar POS SRB is accessible regardless of any location or time. You can visit the website to learn more about the Oscar POS system or take a free tour to check out the most popular features.

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