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A restaurant business is not easy to handle. Keeping an eye on ingredients supply, crockeries, ambiance, staff performance, food quality, and sales tracking is quite challenging. In order to streamline your restaurant’s operations and advance your functions, you need robust Point of Sale software. A POS system can simplify your restaurant management and facilitate you in monitoring all operations.

If you are looking for the best POS system in Pakistan, hold on, you are in the right spot. Oscar POS is the number one Point of Sale system in Pakistan to manage inventory accurately and get deep insights into your culinary business’s data. You can make well-informed future decisions and stay updated with your eatery’s functions.

Oscar POS System for Exceptional Restaurant Management

The Oscar POS system offers a variety of smart features to restaurant owners like you to boost their restaurant’s productivity and advance their culinary business. Ranging from incredible stock management to effective sales tracking, the Oscar POS offers everything to advance your culinary business and streamline its operations. Let’s have a look at a few of the most popular features of the Oscar POS that can help you in managing your eatery efficiently:

Accurate Stock Management

In order to streamline your eatery’s operations, the first thing is to manage your stock accurately. From keeping an adequate amount of ingredients to maintaining the right quantities of cutlery, tableware, and other stock, you can keep everything in its place with the Oscar POS system. The incredible inventory management feature helps you keep a balanced stock, neither more nor less to utilize adequately. In addition, the Oscar POS SRB sends low-stock alerts when any product reaches below the average level. So you can reorder the items before totally running out of them.

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Efficient Tracking of Sales

You can not make a significant difference in your eatery’s management without analyzing your sales and tracking your earning records. When it comes to streamlining operations, tracking sales is considered highly important. Oscar SRB integrated POS system can simplify sales tracking and provide you with real-time updates about your sales on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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Remarkable Customer Management System

It is next to impossible to advance your culinary business without satisfying the people who visit your restaurant. The remarkable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features of the Oscar POS FBR let you serve your customers efficiently. You can assign tables and orders instantly to improve your restaurant’s speed and overall food services. In addition, you can let your customers decide their desired mode of payment (cash, Master Card, Visa, etc.). Additionally, the Oscar POS system helps you identify the hot-selling meals from your menu to introduce offers and execute promotional campaigns accordingly. Moreover, you can improve your operations through the customer feedback generated by the Oscar POS software.

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Incredible Staff Monitoring

While simplifying and monitoring your operations, staff management is an important part. From chefs and waiters to managers and QA inspectors, you need to gauge the performance of your workforce. Oscar POS system can help you with its incredible employee management feature. It helps you identify the top performer, and you can reward him for boosting the productivity of your working staff. Moreover, you can introduce role-based security in accessing the Oscar POS dashboard to safeguard sensitive information. For instance, recipes and sales information can only be visible to managers, and a waiter cannot view this information.

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Excellent Multi-outlet Management

Management gets tricky when you inaugurate another outlet of your restaurant. Keeping the same quality and efficiency in your locations is a big task. But the Oscar POS system can assist you in managing all your outlets without any hassle. You can review all the data and make decisions regardless of location or time. It means you can access the entire information of all your eatery branches sitting anywhere at any time.

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Bottom Line

Conclusively, Oscar POS is the best POS software in Pakistan to handle all the complex operations of a restaurant. Whether you own a medium-sized eatery or you are the owner of a large restaurant with several outlets, the Oscar POS system helps you manage everything without any hassle. Additionally, you can monitor your stock, staff, sales, and customer feedback using the Oscar POS SRB.

The basic version of the Oscar POS system is entirely free of cost. However, you can visit the Oscar POS website and take a free tour to learn more about the most popular features and decide your plan accordingly

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