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A retail store is largely about selling physical goods. The inventory that you carry in your store serves as your business livelihood. A major part of being a retailer means managing your inventory and ensuring that you have the right products available at the right time. This is where inventory management comes in. Proper inventory management can prevent stock outs, so you can keep your customers satisfied whenever they shop at your store thus making your retail business profitable. Oscar POS is the solution as its point of sale software has inventory management.

Manually keeping track of inventory can be difficult, but this is not the case with the POS system. When a retail business makes a sale, Oscar point of sale software automatically updates the inventory. And when the inventory reaches the reorder point, POS will automatically alert owners to reorder inventory. This means that with POS software, retail businesses can view profit margins and inventory turnover and have an accurate view of business performance.

Moreover, the POS system minimizes the chance of human errors. With Oscar cloud-based point of sale software, retail businesses can track inventory anywhere. In addition to this, POS software provides up-to-date sales reports for the day, week, month, or year. It also provides information about products that are best sellers and the ones that are not in demand. As inventory is the livelihood of a retail business, it should be managed with the most accurate, comprehensive, and responsive point of sale software. With its inventory management feature, Oscar POS gives you more control over your inventory. When businesses use the Oscar POS system, they gain total control over their inventory. From automated purchase orders to sales analysis, point of sale software is the solution.

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