Oscar POS: Best POS System for Pharmacy Management

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Epidemics like fever, flu, and other infections to fatal diseases like malaria, typhoid, and even cancers need to be treated. The advancement of technology has made treatments easier. Medicines, injections, and gels are found effective in curing illness. As an owner of a pharmacy, your store must have all that a customer needs. From an adequate supply of medicines to providing a better customer experience, you must encompass advanced management through POS software.

A Point of Sale system can improve your pharmacy operations by taking them to the next level. Packed with smart features, POS software can bring a substantial change in your drug store management.

Manage your Pharmacy Efficiently with Oscar POS

Concerning the best POS system for pharmacy in Pakistan, Oscar POS holds a dominant position. The Oscar POS system can assist you in streamlining your pharmacy’s operations through its innovative features. From maintaining an optimum level of pharmaceutical stock to satisfying the customers, Oscar POS SRB is a complete management system to run your drugstore trouble-free. Have a look at a few of the advanced features of Oscar POS software that can help monitor your store:

Monitor your Inventory Levels

Pharmaceutical products like tablets, syrups, gels, and injections have a specific functioning time. After reaching the mentioned date on the packaging, the stock not only becomes useless but can be fatal to health. Supplying expired medical products to patients is not a good practice, and your medical store can be shut down for this purpose. On the contrary, keeping a low level of stock to be on the safe side is also of no use. Running out of stock can adversely affect your customer satisfaction. If a customer wants a pain killer, but you have sold the entire inventory, empty shelves can never be the reason to grow your business.

All you need is an appropriate inventory level without getting too much stock or running short of it. The Oscar POS system assists you in monitoring your inventory levels efficiently. It sends you low-stock alerts whenever a medicine reaches below optimum levels. You can always restock your medical store before the previous end ends.

Learn more about adequate inventory management: Monitor your Pharmacy’s Inventory with Oscar POS

Gauge your Staff’s Performance

Running your drugstore can be easy if you have a team to look after specific tasks. You must monitor all your employees who take the prescription letter and provide the customers with their required medicines.

The Oscar POS software in Pakistan helps you keep an eye on your whole workforce. It enables you to set up role-based security in accessing the dashboard. For instance, the staff serving the medicines can look into the amount of stock left after each purchase. Additionally, you can mark their accurate attendance, give them pay on time, and evaluate their performance by the number of customers they serve each month through Oscar POS FBR. This performance evaluation helps identify the top performer, and you can reward him accordingly.

Let’s have a look at the employee management feature of Oscar POS: Gauge your Pharmacy Staff’s Performance with Oscar POS

Serve Your Customers Better

No one likes waiting in long queues to check out. Well-known pharmacies are usually packed with crowds and need an efficient system to speed up the entire process of keeping customers satisfied.

Oscar POS software makes it easy for you to gain your customer’s trust. It speeds up the entire process and helps you accept various payment methods to satisfy all your customers who want to pay either in cash or through a card. In addition, you can engage with them through loyalty programs and feedback systems. Oscar POS software lets you send promotional SMS and emails to target loyal customers for more interaction. For instance, you can inform your customer who purchases high blood pressure pills monthly about ongoing sales on specific medicines.

Want to know more about Customer Relationship Management? (CRM): Better Serve your Pharmacy Customers Through Oscar POS

Manage Multiple Pharmacy Outlets

Maintaining efficiency in all your medical store outlets is not an easy task. Monitoring all the workings, staff, stock levels, etc., at all the locations is challenging.

But the Oscar POS brings a fantastic multi-outlet management feature. You can get deep insights into all the functions of all your pharmacy branches sitting anywhere at any time. The cloud-based Oscar POS system helps you maintain the same proficiency and organization in all your drugstore chapters.

Click here to learn more about multi-outlet management of Oscar POS: Manage Multiple Pharmacy Outlets with Oscar POS

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the Oscar SRB integrated POS system is the best POS system in Pakistan to carry out all the functions of your drugstore efficiently. With the Oscar POS installed at your pharmacy, you can monitor all your functions and make better future decisions. Maintaining sufficient stock on your shelves and expanding your business by opening multiple outlets is only possible by setting up Oscar POS software at your pharmacy.

You can visit the website to find out more about the Oscar POS System or take a free tour of the software and discover the most popular features. Install the Oscar POS system and have an absolute management system for your medical store.

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