Oscar POS: A Complete Solution to Restaurant Management

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The biggest challenge faced by restaurant owners is managing the entire operations at their eatery efficiently. From satisfying customers and monitoring inventory levels to managing the staff and tracking sales, each task is arduous when manually monitored. Manual record-keeping methods do not allow you to advance your culinary business. With the advancement of technology, a Point of Sale (POS) system with smart features is essential to manage your restaurant effectively without any hassle.

Oscar POS: The Best POS Software for Restaurants in Pakistan

The food business is vast, and it needs to be appropriately looked after. Oscar POS is the best POS software for restaurant in Pakistan that offers complete and efficient management of your business. Let’s have a look over a few of the excellent features of Oscar POS SRB that differentiate it from other POS softwares:

Incredible Inventory Management

Without adequate stock levels, you can not accomplish the primary objective of your restaurant: serving delectable cuisines. Therefore, you should have complete knowledge about your stock levels.

With Oscar SRB POS, you don’t need to check your inventory levels or minus the stock after delivering it to the kitchen. The incredible inventory management feature of the Oscar POS system keeps your inventory level up-to-date. Furthermore, it sends low-stock alerts to prevent your inventory levels from going down. This way, your eatery never runs out of any ingredients and keeps serving the meals on your menu smoothly. Moreover, it also helps avoid overflowing inventory which will expire soon and result in profit loss.

Consequently, you can maintain adequate stock levels and monitor them efficiently.

Remarkable Staff Management

Another factor while operating a restaurant is employee management. Monitoring the performance of your eatery’s workforce becomes hectic when you have a number of team members. From waiters and chefs to managers, your need to gauge your staff’s performance is done by the Oscar POS system.

Oscar POS SRB helps you mark accurate attendance of your staff, calculate overtime, and pay them timely salaries accordingly. You can set up role-based security in dashboard access by granting your employees different privileges according to their job roles. For instance: servers will only have access to basic restaurant functions like punching in the order and availability of meals on the menu etc. At the same time, the manager can monitor the inventory levels and track daily, weekly, and monthly sales.

Multi-outlet Management

More than one restaurant outlet management is a daunting task. Maintaining your business efficiency in all the branches is challenging. But the Oscar SRB integrated POS system enables you to efficiently monitor all the operations in all your restaurant outlets without any hassle.

Regardless of your location, the cloud-based Oscar POS FBR enables you to monitor your sales and manage your culinary business from anywhere, on any device, at any time. You can separately view the progress and check sales of your restaurant outlets. Furthermore, it allows you to synchronize your online orders with dine-in and takeaways to combine your entire restaurant data.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers ensure the success of your restaurant. Oscar FBR POS lets you get feedback reports from your Oscar Dashboard to understand your customers better. Moreover, the Oscar Loyalty Program integrates with your customers’ preferences and restaurant sales data to track all key metrics.

You can keep connected with your loyal customers by sending them new offers and meal discounts using Oscar POS SRB. In addition, Oscar SRB POS helps you execute effective marketing campaigns to connect more with your customers. You can send personalized emails and promotional SMS and arrange offers to keep your customers devoted to your eatery.

Accurate Progress Tracking

The best thing about the Oscar POS system is it can significantly reduce manual errors by advancing your restaurant. Furthermore, it simplifies complex operations and helps you save time. You can keep a well-maintained record of your eatery within a few taps using the Oscar POS FBR.

In addition, you can instantly assign tables and orders to improve speed and overall food services. The Oscar POS FBR helps you track your restaurant’s progress and analyze daily, weekly, and monthly sales. It enables you to get real-time updates about every single operation at your restaurant. In addition, it helps generate PDF reports that offer a comprehensive understanding of your restaurant’s success.

Bottom Line

Oscar POS FBR for restaurant management provides a number of features that allow you to manage your eatery effectively. Oscar POS system is a must for your restaurant, from inventory management to monitoring all operations of your food business. Oscar POS is entirely secure and completely risk-free. The basic model of Oscar POS is free of cost. In addition, you can visit the Oscar POS website and request a demo or take a free tour to check the top features.

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