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All salons, whether a hair salon, nail salon, beauty salon, barbershop or spa, have specific requirements when it comes to a POS system. Although salon POS might look similar to other businesses, it should not only manage salon inventory but also sync up with a scheduled appointment and client data. In addition to this, as per new law, a POS system must be FBR integrated. Oscar best POS system offers one service for your entire beauty business, and it is also an FBR integrated POS system.

A POS system can help your salon in many ways. By implementing full-featured customer relationship management, you can flourish your salon business by maximizing both marketing and services capabilities. Oscar salon POS system allows you to offer deals and services to customers. You can even track customers’ favorite looks through reporting and rewarding them using Oscar’s</strong built-in loyalty program. Moreover, Oscar salon POS system makes it easier for clients to book any service online at their convenience.

If a salon is running out of beauty products and customers are not able to get the services, then this means unhappy customers thus decline in business. Therefore, it is important for a salon to manage inventory efficiently. Oscar point of sale software for the salon will allow you to manage beauty products from any device and from anywhere. Oscar’s inventory dashboard automatically updates your inventory, so you never go out of stock.

In addition, with Oscar’s FBR integrated POS system, salons are able to make tax reports, payroll tax payments and much more. The built-in tax calculator allows salons to make tax calculations without any human error. Moreover, Oscar POS offers cloud-based software that gives you access to your data anytime and anywhere. With their user-friendly interface, you don’t need a financial background.

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