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Successful businesses have a strong workforce. Every business owner wants to keep a team of dedicated members to make progress. As the owner of a retail store or a restaurant, you have a group of people working for you on a daily basis. From receptionists, workers, and salespersons to managers, every single individual has a set of responsibilities. As a business owner, it is important to keep a close eye on each employee to make sure they are performing up to par.

Role of Oscar POS in Employee Management

A POS system can lift up all the heavy loads and simplify employee management for you. The advanced features of a Point of Sale software can assist you to keep an eye on your staff and make them more productive. Oscar POS is the best POS system in Pakistan, and its efficient staff management feature can bring about a drastic change in your workforce monitoring. Let’s have a look at how the Oscar POS system can help you manage your employees:

Employee Time Tracking

The biggest drawbacks of manual monitoring are inaccurate records and difficult tracking. It becomes extremely challenging to track your employee’s working hours on a daily basis, including overtime. On the contrary, the employee time tracking function of the Oscar POS system makes it easy for you to track their performance and monitor overtime. In addition, you can reward them with a bonus for working extra hours to keep your workforce satisfied and happy.

Accurate Management of Your Workforce

Monitoring the staff’s performance is almost an impossible task if you practice manual methods. If you keep everything in registers, it is not only prone to errors but also can not give efficient results. You can not rely on handwritten records to make future decisions about promotion or rewards. On the other hand, the Oscar SRB integrated POS system can simplify your staff monitoring by providing you with every single detail. All the information is kept secure on the Oscar dashboard without any fear of losing it. This way, the Oscar POS system can bring accuracy to managing your staff.

Monitor your Staff’s Performance

It is important to note your staff’s performance. For instance, the number of customers each employee serves in a day. This information is useful to finalize their performance reports and track their productivity. The Oscar SRB POS system helps you go deep into the knowledge of your employees’ work. Moreover, you can reward the top-performing employee by the end of each month as “employee of the month” to make your workforce more energetic and dedicated to work. Furthermore, Oscar’s cloud-based point of sale software allows you to filter reports on the basis of employee, location, or device. You can view these reports on the app and also download them.

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Set Up Role Based Security Access

As a business owner, it is important to keep important matters confidential. Not every employee can have a look into those matters. The Oscar POS FBR keeps everything secure and safe. Using the Oscar POS system, you can set up role-based security access. Which basically means a selected group of employees can access specific data, and not everyone is eligible to view everything. The Oscar POS dashboard limits access to important business data, for instance, daily, weekly, and monthly sales, price adjustments, etc., to safeguard private information. Only managers and higher-ranked employees can view this from the Oscar POS dashboard.

Easy Access Everywhere

The best thing about the Oscar POS system is that you are not compelled to access the data at a single place. You can keep an eye on all your staff of each outlet from anywhere. It means you are not restricted to monitoring their performance at a single location. Using the cloud-based Oscar POS software, it is easier to look into the depths of performance reports from anywhere without any hassle.

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Bottom Line

Conclusively, Oscar POS is the best POS software in Pakistan. With the advanced features of Oscar POS, you can easily monitor your workforce and track the performance of all your staff. Moreover, keeping a check on what your employees are doing and measuring their productivity can help you advance your business. Additionally, the smart time management features can help you record accurate attendance and calculate overtime. This way, you can keep your employees happy, satisfied, and more productive at work.

TheOscar POS SRB is easily accessible to everyone. You can use the cloud-based Oscar POS at any location any time. In addition, you can visit the website to learn more about the Oscar POS system or take a free tour to check out the most popular features.

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