How to boost your jewellery store with Instagram

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When launching your own jewellery store, you might wonder, “How will I rein in customers?”

Let’s face the fact: to set up your business is one thing – but to make it flourish is quite another.

Fortunately, you’re lucky enough to live in a time where Instagram exists.

We really mean it. According to Statista, Instagram offers an extremely active audience that tramples over social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. This can make any businessman’s mouth water – the ripe opportunity to sell products to a targeted and engaged audience without having to spend money on advertisements is a thing of beauty.

As for your humble jewellery store – well, Instagram can certainly help you out.

In fact, here are some smart ways you can dazzle your customers through Instagram:


Start Strategizing

Before you step into the Instagram world, you need to know where are you going. Pave yourself a comprehensible path by sketching out strategic goals. Ask yourself all the important questions: what do you hope to gain through your jewellery store? Who are you targeting through Instagram? What competitor brands should you be looking out for?

The answers to these questions vary from one owner to the next but try to keep your Instagram goals logical, specific, measurable and relevant.

The best way to strategize your content is by basing it on the “tribe mentality”: start small, establish relationships with other content-creators one-on-one – and build your own tribe.

Of course, this goes without saying: members will not join your tribe on their own. So while you think of ways to rein followings, you should also try tapping into different niche communities and spark interest from all relevant parts of Instagram.


Show your Creative Flair

This is where the focus is kept on the content you put out there. It must encapsulate your jewellery store’s essence, while simultaneously striking the audience’s aesthetic. After all, on Instagram, only visually appealing posts will excel.

For this, the most popular trend is to follow a “theme” – i.e. a colour palette, layout or topic that can be used throughout your posts. This creates an Instagram feed that becomes recognizable for your audience and iconic for your brand.

For your jewellery store, you can go one of two ways: a minimalistic layout can be chosen for simpler jewellery, while bright, funky concepts can be used for bold pieces of jewellery.

Creativity doesn’t end at just the photo – your caption needs to be equally eye-catching. They present a great opportunity for your store to tell its own narrative. You can expand on the image with a good description, give any article of jewellery some in-depth meaning, or even make your followers laugh (emojis do just the trick!)


Empower yourself with the #Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to expand your reach. They can be either specific or general – going for both types is a good marketing practice.

The “branded hashtag” is a popular technique to garner your own unique audience. It can be either your store’s own name (#yourstorename) or a catchphrase that embodies your brand. This not only makes it easier for people to find your own content and your main account but also encourages your followers to use the hashtag themselves while sharing photos.

Specific hashtags can be used to break into niche communities that have only a specific topic or theme. Although their audiences can be quite small, they can offer a wider reach of your brand name by catering to specific interests.

Make sure the hashtag you pick is relevant to your store, though. For example, using #jewellery targets a very wide audience, but choosing #daintynecklace pinpoints a specific kind of customer – the kind that like delicate necklaces.


Collaborate with influencers

Now you have to think of innovative ways you can expand your scope. The best way to do that is to reach out to Instagram influencers who can relate to your jewellery brand line.

Building a relationship with them over Instagram can be beneficial when it comes to exposing your brand to a whole other audience. Although more famous influencers may charge a fee to promote your product, the single investment can lead to greater returns in the long run once you have established a trustworthy relationship with them.


Analyse, and then move forward

You can read all the articles about the best marketing strategies, but you won’t be able to measure your success unless you test and improve.

Instead of letting marketing tactics turn into a guessing game, make a habit of analysing your progress every once in a while – all it takes is a good social media management tool and some time on your side. Be sure to regularly check your follower count, engagement rate and clicks. See which post did best, which performed the worst, and see where you can improve.

A good long-term solution involves investing in loyalty program software. The one that Oscar POS offers lets you save your customer’s data, and see what kind of jewellery they like (according to Instagram statistics). That way, you can send interactive emails and discount offers as per their interests.

The beauty of using Instagram for business lies in how flexible it can be; with an active, ever-growing user-base, the social media platform can act as a long-term staple for social media marketing, and not just a one-time solution.

If you still haven’t opened an Instagram profile for your jewellery store, there is no need to panic. In even the direst cases, an active audience is always waiting for you.

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