Tips for disinfecting or sanitizing your POS

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Because of the favorable changes brought on by COVID-19, a stronger emphasis on safety will be placed. Consumers and company owners are more focused than ever on minimizing the spread of infectious diseases and the methods by which they are transmitted.

Since the POS terminal is such a crucial aspect of your restaurant’s technology, it involves a wide range of employees. People working in a single shift During business hours, most employees interact with one or more devices, from ordering servers to obtaining manager approval. It simply gets in the hands of every other employee. Now how can you make sure you keep up with proper disinfecting, here’s what we can share:

Make use of a high-quality disinfectant.

To successfully eliminate viruses from process surfaces, contact your POS manufacturer and, if the technology can handle it, apply a disinfectant consisting of at least 60% isopropyl alcohol, according to the CDC. Also, Instead of spraying straight onto the surface, use a spray bottle.

This will keep the abrasive from harming the POS equipment by preventing extra cleaning liquid from entering the gap. This should be done after each use on a regular basis. Due to the risk of spreading the infection if someone happens to touch the point of sale machine before disinfecting it.

Other precautions to be taken

You touch doorknobs, tables, card readers, worksheets, and menus on a frequent basis. All of these surfaces should be cleaned using a safe cleaning solution on a regular basis. Hand sanitizers should be placed at strategic locations, particularly in crowded areas like toilets and POS terminals to ensure sanitization. Encourage your staff and customers to also wash their hands completely for at least 20 seconds and dry them properly with a disposable towel by posting a sign on the toilet or anywhere else in your facility.

The menu should be printed so that customers do not have to organize it themselves. Better still, by putting your menus online, you can save time and money. This has the extra benefit of allowing menu changes to be displayed immediately. If necessary, encourage your employees on how they can utilize basic personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves.

Examine how frequently you wash your hands and what the most recent safety precautions are. When a group of trained individuals understands and is prepared for their job through all these precautions, they can act as a unified productivity engine.

It’s vital to remember that right now, client safety is our top priority. Customers want a secure dining experience. Customers will reward you with trust and loyalty if you demonstrate that you operate effectively with all SOPs.

Take advantage of the chance to strengthen your relationship with your consumers by establishing a foundation of trust and mutual concern for everyone’s safety. This is the most effective method. You can be competitive and profitable in the face of COVID-19 if you make a strong commitment to client safety.

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