The Best Travel Retail POS in Pakistan?

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Travel retail encompasses everything from border stores to airport shops and restaurants to ferries and in-flight shopping. Every year, an increasing number of individuals travel worldwide, shopping and dining, while doing so, resulting in a travel economy worth over a trillion dollars.

This industry has a lot of potentials, both for travel retail in general and duty-free outlets in particular; nonetheless, it is not an easy business. Because travelers are typically rushed, travel vendors must provide prompt and accurate service. Restaurants that cater to tourists must prepare high-quality cuisine quickly and precisely.

Inventory management is especially difficult since things must be available when customers want them – there are no “come back later” options.

The management of duty-free shops adds to the complexity. Customs procedures, tax systems, and restrictions on certain products, such as alcohol and cigarettes, vary by country. According to their clients’ nationality and travel route, duty-free businesses must be able to sell quickly and efficiently while correctly managing varied item allowances, taxation, and security tamper-evident bags (STEB) handling.

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