Fixed-Term POS vs. Monthly Updating POS

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When you are deciding which Point Of Sale (POS) System you want to use for your store, you need to first understand what kind do you really need. The market is flooded with different systems, each one more confusing than the next; lengthy terms, complicated phrases and long processes all are enough to intimidate anyone!

Luckily, we are here to clarify your mind. Before you invest in something so vital to your company’s growth, you first need to know the two basic kinds of POS Systems: Fixed-term POS and Monthly Updating POS.


Software provided is fixed in terms of its features Software provided has monthly updates, featuring fixed bugs and new details
Does not offer customizable features Offers customizable features with every update
Ideal for small projects, or relatively static stores Ideal for rapidly changing and ever-growing businesses
Does not necessarily run on Cloud Runs predominantly on Cloud

The terms itself sound very self-explanatory – but the logic runs deep, and their core differences will help you know which one you want to pick.

A fixed-term POS is, as the name suggests, fixed – the features it offers do not change. With a fixed price, you get a fixed set of details that you have to use to run your business. Because of the lack of customizable features they give, such systems are usually used by small, singled stores whose requirements almost never change. It is quite literally like the old saying: ‘What you see is what you get.’

On the other hand, a monthly updating POS – you guessed it – has a system that updates monthly; such a system offers improved features and fixed bugs with every update. The customizable freedom it provides is ideal for a rapidly growing business, whose requirements keep on changing. It is the more popular option, all because of the variety of choices it can offer to an optimistic store owner.

“Okay, I get those terms – but how do I know what kind of POS System I need?”

To answer that, you must first know your needs. If you aspire to let your brand flourish in a bustling, competition-heavy market, you need to be willing to adapt to every environment. Your company should be able to customize itself to cater to every need so that your audience can grow.

With the help of Oscar, you can quicken that journey to success. Our consistent updates bring technological enhancements to the table, which will help your small store turn into a booming brand!

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