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Business Operations

Receive orders online in a central platform, manage your retail base, sales team, invoices and all business operations in one place

Retailer App
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Allow ordering at their fingertips, smoother inventory management and tracking of sales for smarter decision making.

Booker App
Oscar - Retailer App

Optimize Your Sales

Boost sales teams productivity through efficient order booking, trade promotions and access to vital store insights.

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Retailer App

The Retailer App enables retailers to place orders directly, bypassing traditional sales teams. It offers stock management tools, sales data analysis, and targeted notifications for new campaigns and offers. The app supports smooth transactions with instant online payments and an integrated wallet.

Booker App

The Booker App boosts sales team productivity by optimizing the order booking process. It guides Order Bookers through visits, manages trade promotions, and provides store information and insights. This streamlines sales operations, enhancing efficiency and driving business growth.

Services & Product Features

Enhanced Sales Operations

Improve your sales team and ordering process with our user-friendly app. Monitor sales and manage promotions all in one place to increase productivity.

Integrated Marketplace and Seller Portal

Provide retailers with an app for easy ordering and manage all activities through a central portal, making order, credit, and shipping processes more efficient.

Efficient Payment Processing

Set up automated reminders for retailers to make online payments, ensuring fast payment receipt and consistent cash flow.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Enhance your marketing efforts with our app by sending tailored alerts about new campaigns and special offers directly to retailers, ensuring effective communication and well-informed partners.

  • "The Retailer App has been a game-changer for our store operations. It allows our retailers to procure directly from us, eliminating the need for physical sales operations. Saddar’s stock management tools and sales data analysis features provide us with valuable insights, enabling us to make informed decisions. The instant online payment options and integrated wallet make transactions smooth and hassle-free. Their solutions have significantly improved our efficiency and is an essential tool for our retail business."

    - Unilever Pakistan
    - Unilever Pakistan

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