How Small Stores Can Impact The Economy

A country’s economy plays an important role in its strength, especially when showing it on an international front. While the popular opinion is that bigger businesses do better in contributing to [...]

Women In Tech: Interview With Cloud10 Scalerator

In the November-December 2018 issue of BEntrepreneur – an entrepreneurship magazine stemming from Bahrain – the Director of Oscar, Myra Ali, took part in an interview with Cloud 10 [...]

4 Kiryana Store Metrics You Should Know

As the owner of a small store, you’re often caught in the mix between the amount of inventory you want, and what you need to sell; how much product do you need, and how much will you be able to [...]

Hotel Digital Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

“Survival of the fittest” is no new concept in the business world; for all kinds of industries, it is necessary to adapt to modern ways of technology, so that they don’t lag behind in the race [...]

How To Make Your Small Bookstore Stand Out

Running a bookstore can be a tough task – especially if it’s an independent entity, standing up against the bigger giants, with multiple outlets scattered around almost every corner. In [...]

Revive Your Stagnant Business Before It’s Too Late

The business world is fast, ever-evolving, and extremely competitive. In a world as dynamic as ours, stagnation is a recipe for disaster. Its a problem most small business owners suffer from when [...]

Staff vs. Software: Who Rules The Store?

The business world has seen some truly dynamic times; from depending entirely on manual labor, to moving towards machinery, and then finally entering the technology realm – to say that it [...]

Boost Beauty Salon Sales With These Secrets

Every business owner wants increased profits with every step they take. If you’re a beauty salon owner, this is a bit more challenging, since your profits depend on customer satisfaction – [...]

Get Tasteful Results For Your Coffee Shop With Analytics

When you think of the word analytics, you might think: “numbers I’ll surely gloss over”. And although this might have been the case before you were running your own coffee shop, now things are [...]

Digital Signage: Why It Can Transform Your Business

Ever since their popularity, both retail stores and restaurants have made their presences known through print media like billboards, sign boards, brochures, newspaper ads and much more. Although [...]

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